How it works

Gnars is an action sports accelerator and community owned brand. We bring shredders onchain and get them paid. This guide will have you uploading, earning and onboarding in no time!

Gnars exists to accelerate adoption of Web3 technologies by the action sports community. We’re a global collective of athletes and enthusiasts pioneering the new creator economy. Operating a decentralised governance system, we use NFTs sold through ongoing auctions to vote on how we spend our shared treasury.

Just like “getting online” was transformative in the 90s, getting onchain is transformative today. Creators who’ve been posting to social media for likes, are now putting their work onchain, earning crypto from 1000s of collectors.

Thanks to rapid advancements in tech, getting onchain is easy. You once had to upload your passport to a shady website, hand over your credit card details and hope for the best. Now you just upload your creations for free and earn Ethereum from collectors.

Upload + Earn = Stoke

  1. Sign up for Zora with your email
  2. Upload your content (make it free)
  3. Earn crypto from your collectors

When you make your creations free to collect, you’ll earn Zora Protocol Rewards, and people who are first to collect, or refer other collectors, earn them too. Onboarding without KYC, buying crypto, or even installing a wallet, is truly a game changer!

Stoked. Now what?

Once you’ve uploaded something on Zora it’s time to join our community. We hang out on Discord and post to Twitter, Warpcast and Instagram. If you’re interested in voting on how we spend our treasury, ask the crew about using your earnings to bid on our NFT auctions. You can even submit proposals to fund projects and ideas of your own.

We like to fund public goods like skatepark refurbishments, creative stuff like film projects, and anything that helps us grow our community owned brand together. In case you’re wondering about the giant glasses ( ⌐◨-◨ ) above, they’re noggles, made famous by Nouns, who’ve given us over $500k in grants via this proposal and another.

Shred for bread

Why not upload one of your Instagram videos to Zora right now? Then pop into our Discord server to let us know and we’ll collect it. We’re bringing a million shredders onchain so they can see that there’s more to being a creator than chasing likes.

Sign up for Zora

note: we are zora power users so if you have any questions feel free to ask