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Big players continued to enter the metaverse as Budweiser jumped aboard in a big way. The beer giant released a collection of NFT’s meant to commemorate their past and push them towards the future. The NFT will give owners special privileges, which are not yet precisely clear. What is clear, lots of big players, and even unconventional players, want in the metaverse.

I was lucky enough to tour the Anheuser–Busch brewery, where Budweiser is brewed, in St. Louis, USA, a couple of months ago. The architecture and history are pretty remarkable. It is one of those brands you are so accustomed to you take their rich history for granted. They were predominantly a start- up by an immigrant family from Germany. Now, they are venturing into a new start-up world. The story began with a few brave immigrants going to a new world searching for opportunity, and now they are again moving into a new world.

Ok, with all that said, I should back up and refocus as I am starting to sound like an advertisement for Budweiser. The new NFT offering will have little to do with crypto art, and let’s be honest, I doubt too many artists even drink Bud; it is considered pretty mainstream and, dare I say, it is probably considered a bit bland by most; though of course, just about any good brew can be an artist’s best friend when needed. What is meaningful is that the metaverse has caught the eye of many. While Budweiser beer may not be super avant-garde or trendy, being in the metaverse is. So, at that, let’s raise a glass, virtual or real, and say cheers to the metaverse!!