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Gnars DAO uses Snapshot for submitting and voting on proposals. This post serves as a guide for submitting proposals and gaining access to funding from the community treasury.

We also have a knowledge base for Gnars athletes.

What you’ll need

Before attempting to submit a proposal, ensure you have the following:

  • At least 12 Gnars (NFT) in your wallet
  • Availability 4 days later to request execution
  • More than 0.15 Ξ for bond (refunded)

Proposal timeline

From proposal submission to transfer of funds totals 8 days:

  • 1 day: voting delay
  • 3 days: voting
  • 2 days: timeout
  • 2 days: cooldown

More on the above later in this post.

Proposal submission

  1. Visit
  2. Connect your wallet and click on New proposal
  3. Enter a Title and Description using markdown syntax
  4. Paste a Discussion link (Discord #Proposals post)
  5. Click on Continue, note down Voting period end
  6. Click on Continue, then Add transaction batch
  7. Paste recipient’s ETH address in To field
  8. Enter the Amount in ETH to withdraw
  9. Click on Publish and you’re done
  10. Voting starts in 24 hours

Proposal completion

  1. Revisit when Voting period is complete
  2. Scroll down to Transactions and Request execution
  3. Once transaction confirms, Set outcome (match voting result)
  4. This transaction requires you to offer a 0.15 ETH bond
  5. (Anyone can challenge outcome by doubling bond)
  6. Allow 2 days for outcome to finalise (timeout)
  7. Another 2 days until executable (cooldown)
  8. Claim your bond and execute transaction
  9. Check ETH is in recipient’s wallet
  10. Funding is now complete

If you’re unavailable after Proposal submission, don’t worry, anyone can do the Proposal completion steps.