The Ultimate NFT Marketplace List

The digital landscape is changing, in large part thanks to blockchain technology. Not only has blockchain technology revolutionised the finance sector by empowering decentralised, virtual currencies known as cryptocurrencies, but it is also changing the way that collectibles, art, music, and other virtual assets are distributed.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique assets often created in limited quantities or are one-of-a-kind items. And they can be anything, from digital art to songs, to in-game collectibles on the latest video games.

And many NFTs have become insanely valuable, making them popular to buy, sell, and trade online.

The NFT marketplace list below will show you where you can list your NFT for sale if you already have something in your collection or where you can go to start growing your collection of digital assets. So read on!

Types of NFTs to Buy

First off, what is a NFT? Non-fungible tokens are the opposite of fungible tokens.

For example, a US dollar is fungible. That means that my US dollar is the same as your US dollar. They are equal, interchangeable, and worth the same amount.

On top of that, a dollar is divisible. You can divide one dollar into four quarters, ten dimes, and so forth. These factors mean that dollar bills and any other type of currency, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, are fungible.

A non-fungible token, on the other hand, is something unique, usually one-of-a-kind, and cannot be divided into smaller parts. You either own the entire NFT, or you own none of it.

So what counts as an NFT? They are assets that live on the blockchain. NFT technology tracks transactions and ownership of these assets so that anyone can verify the authenticity of the item they plan to purchase.

There are many types of NFTs currently available, and the possibility for future NFTs is virtually unlimited.

Today, you can collect NFTs in video games, which are in-game items that can be used to your advantage. Digital art can also be an NFT, and many NFT artists have released entire collections onto the internet.

A song or an album can be an NFT. And even iconic sports moments can be an NFT.

NFT Marketplace List

With so many types of NFTs to collect, there isn’t such thing as a one-stop-shop. There are many different places that you can buy, sell, and trade NFTs. Here are some of the most reputable NFT marketplaces to browse for your next collectible.


OpenSea claims to be the largest NFT marketplace on the internet. Launched in 2018, it’s a decentralised platform for trading NFTs of all kinds.

On the platform, you can purchase items such as artwork and music. You can stock up on trading cards and in-game collectibles. And you can also buy censorship-resistant domain names on the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), Unstoppable Domains, and Decentraland Names.

So if you’d like to create a website with domain names ending in .eth or .crypto, then you should head over to OpenSea today. These domain names are also becoming investments, as speculators anticipate an increase in demand for them in the coming years and hope to sell them for a pretty profit in the future.

Selling on the platform gives you several options. You can list your items at a fixed price or set a descending price. You can also host an auction.

Don’t have any NFTs to sell? You can create your own, without writing any code, on the OpenSea platform.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some NFTs, then OpenSea is the first place to check out.


Rarible is an NFT marketplace that focuses on rare, unique art assets.

The platform is community-owned. But who is the community that owns it? Everyone who has RARI tokens in their wallet. Are you wondering how to get some RARI tokens so you can take part in this growing community?

Rarible rewards active users on the platform by giving out over 40,000 RARI tokens each week to those who buy and sell NFTs. The greater your transaction volumes in a given week, the more tokens you’ll receive.

If you are an aspiring creator, you can also use the platform to mint your own NFTs to sell on Rarible.


Some artwork turned into NFTs is created in batches, meaning that multiple copies of a particular piece are available. But for those who want something truly unique, head to Superrare, where you can find single-edition art.

Superrare places considerable emphasis on transparency, tracking an asset’s ownership history using cryptography on the Ethereum blockchain. Anyone can verify ownership history as well as price history.

Creators enjoy listing their NFTs for sale on Superrare. Not only will the creator earn money when they sell an NFT for the first time, but they also earn a royalty each time the art is resold in the future.

This allows artists to continue making an income, even when creating single-edition artwork. Thanks to smart contracts empowered by the Ethereum blockchain, these royalties are collected automatically and provided to the artist without hassle.

You can participate in this thriving, online artistic community by getting your hands on some RARE tokens used for governance in the Superare decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO).

Atomic Market

Atomic Market is a shared liquidity NFT marketplace. That means that the assets listed for sale on Atomic Market are also listed for sale (automatically) on other markets that share the same liquidity.

Once an item sells on one marketplace, the listing will be removed by all. That makes the NFT offerings on Atomic Market very dynamic, as they may be coming from many sources.

Sellers like listing their NFTs on Atomic Market because they don’t have to transfer the NFT to the marketplace to sell it. Instead, they can continue holding onto the asset, or using it on a decentralised application, until it sells. Only then do they transfer ownership.

NBA Top Shots

If you’re a basketball fan, then NBA Top Shots is the marketplace for you. As an official partner of the NBA, you can use the platform to find moments in NBA history that you can buy and own.

Basketball moments? Do you mean like “The Shot” that Michael Jordan made in the 1989 NBA playoffs to eliminate the Cavs, with three seconds left on the clock? Yes, moments like these have now been tokenised thanks to NFT software and the blockchain.

So rather than buying another jersey, which you no longer have room for in your home, you can purchase an NBA NFT, which is one of a kind and likely to go up in value over time.

Practically speaking, when you purchase an NBA moment, you’ll receive a packaged video highlight that represents the moment. The rarest moments only include one edition, while more common moments number into the hundreds and thousands.

NFT Gaming Platforms

Currently, the most popular type of NFTs available is in-game items and assets. NFTs create another level of engagement in the video game world, giving players real incentive to advance in the game, complete objectives, and hopefully discover rare NFTs that they can either keep or sell for a hefty profit.

Each game offers you the chance to trade, buy, and sell the NFTs, though you can also do so outside of the game’s platform as well.

Axie Infinity is the most popular NFT game on the internet today. The game resembles Pokemon, whereas you breed unique animals known as Axies, training them and using them to battle other players.

To create new Axies, you need to breed existing ones. Doing so results in new, random Axies that may or may not have unique features. Each Axie is an NFT, and you generate one with rare features, it could be worth a lot of money.

Many Axies have already been sold for over $40,000. You can trade and sell these on the game’s platform, making Axie Infinity its own NFT marketplace.

The Sandbox is another gaming metaverse, with lots of opportunities for players to create and discover NFTs. There is also a limited amount of LAND, which is part of the game’s NFT ecosystem.

Owning one of these pieces of land is like owning digital real estate. There won’t be more created, which is driving the value of every parcel higher and higher.

Enjin Marketplace is the official marketplace for Enjin NFTs, which are primarily gaming assets. Many gaming platforms live on the Enjin blockchain, including Age of Rust, The Six Dragons, and Azure Heroes.

Start Growing Your NFT Collection

There are many other places you can buy, sell, and make your own NFTs that aren’t on this NFT marketplace list. It would take forever to list them all.

There are many places to go looking for those unique NFTs that you’d like to add to your collection. Whether you want to own individual assets or buy items that you hope to sell for a profit in the future, NFTs are worth seeking out.

The Ultimate NFT Marketplace List
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The Ultimate NFT Marketplace List