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Before anyone is driven insane by the title, there is a reason the M in Murray isn’t present. The reason is relatively simple, Bill himself never uses M when he sends text messages. Why? Well, because his cell phone is so old, the M doesn’t work.

Why is this important here? Well, simple, it shows that a guy who doesn’t even care much about his cellphone, I mean, clearly he has the money for a new phone, still wants in on the NFT space. Even those not up to date on all the tech advances still like the idea of NFTs, Web3, and the metaverse. It is just that attractive and unique, people who don’t have a functioning cellphone still want in. Well, people like Bill Murray, who has always been considered a bit eclectic to say the least, want in. 

The actor is partnering with the Chive to issue 1000 NFTs. Each NFT comes with a story from his life and an NFT illustration of the actor created by popular artist David Grizzle. This just shows the level to which NFTs and Crypto art is saturating culture today. Many don’t even understand the basics, but they understand it is cool and want to be a part of it.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new NFTs to arrive soon. For details follow @the CHIVE on Twitter for updates.