Top Selling NFT Artists and Creators for 2021

Picasso and Da Vinci, without doubt, had their moments on the Creative Arts grand stage for centuries. Now it’s time for digital art to take over, and at the forefront are the NFT Artists.

In March 2021 alone, NFT Art had over $85 million in sales, with 509,000 NFT artworks sold. While museums don’t have digital artists on their walls just yet, the best NFT artists are sure to set outstanding records. As the Art world slowly turns virtual, digital artists like Beeple and Trevor Jones are causing ripples online.

NFTs are sweeping through several industries, with Art, Music, and Gaming getting a massive chunk of this cryptocurrency tidal wave, as we have explained previously, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Here’s a list of the Top NFT Creators making waves in 2021:

6. Hackatao

The nicknames of the two Hackatao artists, Nadia Squarci and Sergio Scalet, are derived from two terms. The term “hack” basically means “pleasures under the skin and discovering what is inside,” while the second term, “Tao,” refers to Yin Yang. Hence, Hackatao focuses on research into environmental issues, humanity, society, and digital currencies.

They shot up the NFT creators’ charts by averaging $ 7,310 in sales and selling 1,504 works of art. Their best-selling work was a flesh and blood digital animation featuring North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un. The work was called “Kim Jong Un-Dead and Alive” and sold for $ 276,136.

5. Mad Dog Jones

Canadian-born artist Mad Dog Jones is known for blending music and art. His work is surreal and dynamic, which helped him sell 1,567 NFT coding art for an average of $9,063 apiece.

Mad Dog Jones became the world’s most expensive Canadian artist and auctioned his first cryptographic work of art at Phillips. His unique digital work of art, Replicator, produces a new NFT every 28 days or a new NFT every month – more or less like a traditional copier. Ultimately, the buyer can have up to 220 unique NFTs, each of which is an NFT worth reselling in the secondary market.

With real names as Michah Dowbak, Dowbak’s artistic foray as Mad Dog Jones is primarily digital, although he has worked in many media and formats throughout his career. From music to sculpture, there is no particular pathway to his artistic possibilities.

4. Pak

Unlike the other artists in this blog post, the true identity of “Pak” remains unknown, and their gender (or them?) remains a mystery. Taking a casual stroll to Pak’s social media accounts, very little information is given regarding their identity.

Pak is extremely popular on Twitter and Instagram, where he has millions of followers and boasts of some celebrity names like Elon Musk. If that doesn’t prove Pak deserves serious attention, then what else should?

But hey! We are more concerned about their works of creativity than their true faces.

Pak recently released an artwork called The Gift on the Nifty Gateway and announced that it would be donated to any auction house that requests it.

Pak has sold over 1,691 artworks for approximately $16,880,471, with their most expensive being Metarift that went for $ 974,982.87 as of March 2021

3. Fewocious

More popularly known as FEWOCiOUS, Victor Langlois rose to fame earlier this year when his partnership with musician Two Feet grossed more than $1 million in sales on the NFT platform, Nifty Gateway.

FEWOCIOUS said he turned to art to escape the pain of an abusive family. He encountered the NFT world after an art collector purchased one of his paintings; ‘Moment I Fell in Love’ encouraged him to sell more as NFTs. After getting approval to join SuperRare, FEWOCiOUS sold several pieces for more than half a million dollars within a few months.

FEWOCIOUS has sold over 3,103 NFT pieces, each averaging $5,812.16.

His art is personal and is represented by dreamy tones, monochrome slides with splashes of paint, and through a window of nostalgic memories.

2. Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones explores how technologies, including AR, NFC tags, video, and animation production, can engage viewers more actively and improve or transform the viewing experience. The themes of his work lately have been intertwined with his interest in crypto.

As the NFT universe grew, so did Jones and his audience. Jones’ combination of traditional painting and digital technology has accelerated the NFT art scene, with many citing “Picasso’s Bull NFT” as what got him into the space.

“Genesis” by Trevor Jones is his most expensive NFT sold to date. This artwork is a beautiful pencil drawing by Trevor Jones in collaboration with Jose Delbo. It featured an image of Batman and was sold at Makers Place for 302 ETH. It’s now worth more than $552,000 today.

1. Beeple

More popularly regarded as Beeple in the NFT circles, Mike Winkelmann is now the third most highly rated living artist after the astonishing $69 million NFT collage sale of “Every Day: The First 5,000 Days“. Christie’s historic sale in the first auction of its kind sparked great interest in NFTs and cryptocurrency generally.

By the metric of money, at least, Winkelmann had made it overnight into the highest echelons of the contemporary art world, shattering all expectations of how valuable digital art can be.

The Charleston native has already set an NFT world record by selling $582,000 in crypto art in five minutes! People’s 1.7 million social media following grew steadily due to the daily animations and illustrations he shared on his pages over 13 years of artistic genius. The digital artist has produced concert films and Flying Lotus videos for famous rappers like Eminem and Nicki Minaj.

Bottom Line of NFTs

Whether you are a complete novice or an expert in NFT, this post is valuable proof of how unique NFTs offer artists new and innovative ways to connect with loyal fans.
There’s a profound social community-like energy for aspiring collectors and artists alike, mainly because technology is part of a particular Art niche that is just beginning to break into the mainstream.

Top Selling NFT Artists and Creators for 2021
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Picasso and Da Vinci, without doubt, had their moments on the Creative Arts grand stage for centuries. Now it’s time for digital art to take over, and at the...

Top Selling NFT Artists and Creators for 2021